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The Secure Pocket Square (SP2) is a menswear accessory that is designed to hold a gentlemanís pocket square securely in the breast pocket of his jacket. 

It is very easy to use. The wearer simply folds his handkerchief, in whatever style he prefers, and places it in the SP2. After positioning the pocket square as desired, he places it in his pocket and the handkerchief will stay in place all day long. There will be no need to reposition or readjust it throughout the day.

The Secure Pocket Square is made of genuine leather and features a tight band across the back that holds the handkerchief in place. It also has a depth extension that pulls out to accommodate deeper pockets. It can be used with a pocket square of any fabric and any size.

For men who are unfamiliar with how to fold a pocket square, there are folding instructions included with the SP2. 

Secure Pocket Square . . . the final answer for the upscale, well-dressed gentleman.